SYGC is a youth support service center located in Seoul, Korea.

Established in 2016, it has provided programs and services to NEET (Not in education, employment or training) youth between
19-34 year olds living in Seoul. It covers 3 core areas: mental health, career exploration, social relation and participation.
SYGC also works to bulid a social security for youth by connecting young people with local communities and
various resources from different fields.

There are about 2 million (19.6% of the youth population)
19-34 year olds in NEET.

The average length of school-to-work transition is 21.8 months (according to the participants in 2017). NEETs in Korea are typically highly educated, but what they face after graduation is an inequality of opportunities. As conventional youth employment policy focusing on statistics and numbers had failed to solve the problems, young people started to raise their voices about what they want, which policies they think should be made.
The movement among youth was most influential in Seoul as the youth population is overwhelming compared to other cities. The Seoul Metropolitan Government made a plan reflecting the conditions, views, interests of the youth. Being called 'Youth Guarantee Seoul 2020', the plan takes a comprehensive and general approach including working experiences, social participation, housing and place services. Seoul Youth Guarantee Center is a part of ‘Youth Guarantee Seoul 2020’.

To connect youth and society

  • WE Help young people develop positive and personal plans by providing programs that
    show them how to develop their social and professional skills.
  • WE Support young people to build social capital by connecting them to a wider range of relationships
    from peer groups to expert groups within various communities.
  • WE Expect rights and needs of young people be more understood and respected in the society.

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